Tim-Exchange Closed Down (March 11, 2013)

As discussed in the relevant forum thread, this web site is now closed. Although it has been great fun, its popularity has declined over time as the relevance of TIM has decreased.

I am genuinely sorry to the two or three remaining active users for whom this site was kept open - however, it's simply not viable to maintain a community and I no longer had the time to deal with the various problems it brought (e.g. spam posts to the forum, keeping the server up-to-date and secure, etc).

I recognise the thousands of hours of work put into this website's contraptions by members, and all contraptions are available for download in a ZIP archive (72MB).

Contraptions Puzzle Download Links

Going forward, I intend to keep this domain active for some time to allow users to download the above contraptions and to help inform new visitors.

If you would like to create a replacement tim-exchange, I would love to hear from you and I will certainly advertise your new site on this page.

I can be reached at:


Chris Denman (Site Administrator)